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Please excuse us as we work to upgrade this site. As ever, if you have any questions about visiting the Shaker Historical Society's Shaker Historical Museum, Elizabeth Nord Library & Archives, Lissauer Gallery, or Spirit Tree Gift Shop, just ask! Our contact information is on the bottom of every page.


For 71 years the Shaker Historical Society has been working to preserve the history of this place, which has witnessed some exceptional changes and noteworthy people who have called this place home. From the Native Americans who bent saplings along Doan Brook, to the North Union Shaker Settlement and their neighbors of Warrensville Township, to Shaker Village and the Van Sweringens' annexing of East View Village and portions of Newburgh, Idlewood and Cleveland Heights to form the City of Shaker Heights today, we are interested in all of this and, particularly, in the people who were significant to the history of this place but also to their impact beyond our borders. In the coming weeks we will be adding new features to the website that highlight the PEOPLE of Shaker Heights, their biographies, homes and businesses.


Although we do receive encouragement and cooperation from the City of Shaker Heights and enjoy their crucial endorsement of grant applications, we are not funded by the City or by any levy on the residents of Shaker Heights or Greater Cleveland. We do receive generous financial support from a grant earned from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, but that is funded by cigarette taxes, which are reducing. We rely very much upon memberships, donations and earned income from our gift shop and our exhibits and programs to continue our education mission and to maintain this extensive and historic property. With visitors from across the globe coming to Cleveland to learn about this community, we call upon residents especially to help us tell these unique Cleveland stories! Join us and support us!


Ware Petznick, Executive Director


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We welcome visitors from across the globe to Shaker Heights who come to learn about this community and the Shakers of North Union!

 From Tub to Table: Prohibition Shaker Heights exhibit is on display until November 2nd & 

Susan E. Squires will display her art in our gallery from July 13 - Aug 31, 2018.



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